Bottega Veneta

May 1, 2009 at 4:34 am (Fashion)


Bottega Veneta is first created back in 1962 and until now its fine leather products is famous through out the whole world. The good name passed down with their adhered to their very own special kind of style and taste, without making anything similar to any other brands.
As the time passes, his success made out through all Europe, America, Asia and many other places; its high popularity is established obviously in Japan especially. The good record Bottega Veneta made even catches the attention of Gucci Corp., who has announced to increase 96,200,000 US dollar to gain the 66.7% of the ownership. This action of Gucci Corp. really defines the success Bottega Veneta made.
What made Bottega Veneta so successful in the industry? Many brand names present their product magnificently, but no one did the element that Bottega Veneta added- space. Bottega Veneta focused on the whole space of the store to present their products which greatly enhanced the presentation of the qualities in their products. How one product can be presented by itself is what many focused on, but how the whole space present the product is a whole different field of art. By adding the art of space in their presentation, Bottega Veneta has made its way to the top of the industry and stand out among all the high quality brand names. I believe with this all new aspect of presentation and the well known reputation of Gucci Corp. Bottega Veneta is ready to take it to the next higher step in the brand name industry.


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