Luxury Boutique Visiting – Hermès

May 1, 2009 at 4:53 am (Fashion)

I visited the Hermès boutique at 125 Grant Avenue, San Francisco.The store is quiet with only few customers. There are 4 Sales assistants in the store. They all dressed in black uniform suits which female wore Hermès scarves and male wore Hermès ties. They gave customers enough space to look around by their own. In addition, they didn’t talk a lot nor give too much opinion about the merchandise to avoid giving pressure to customers. However, I think their attitude is not nice enough that they didn’t smile at all. They were being too polite that I think it’s a little bit cold. Nevertheless, they were well trained and professional. The sales assistant has competent products knowledge which can answer any of my questions about their products. Actually I have visited Hermès boutiques in many different countries. According to my experience, sales assistants should wear gloves when they touch and show bags to customers.
However, the sales assistant didn’t wear gloves when he showed me a “white” Birkin bag. It really surprised me. I was wondering if the rule is different in the US or it’s the mistake that the assistant made.
The shopping environment in Hermès boutique is comfortable. It’s well lighted and temperature is nice too. The merchandises in the store are classified by different category such as bags, accessories, time piece, apparel & shoes, infant, and home collection. Every section has comfortable space to shop. The newest and the most important Kelly or Birkin bags are presented on the shelves which are in the middle that customers can immediately notice when they enter the front door. The merchandises are well positioned and not too crowded. The overall visual merchandising is nice and refers to the brand image of Hermès.
There were 6 customers in the store. They are all couples. Most of them are looking for bags. Only one man was trying out men’s apparels. The average ages of customers were between 35-60 years old. They look elegant and well educated. The clothing they wore is classic and casual in solid color with high quality. They look like they enjoy their leisure time shopping in the Hermès boutique on the weekend.
What surprised me in the San Francisco’s Hermès boutique is that it always has new Kelly or Birkin bags on the shelf. It is impossible to have them on the shelf in any Asia Hermès boutiques. Every Hermès boutiques through the world have the same interior and visual elements which provide customers a familiar and comfortable shopping environment. Since Hermès targets on the classic luxury market, the design and ads of Hermès always present Hermès’s French elegance. Furthermore, this spirit of Hermès also presents in every Hermès boutiques.


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