Boulevard Restaurant

May 2, 2009 at 10:39 pm (Fashion)


Boulevard Restaurant is rated as the top five most popular restaurants in the San Francisco Area by Zagat survey. It also received one star from the infamous Michelin Guide. Armed with friend recommendation, curiosity, and a tour of the restaurant website; I decided to give the restaurant a try. The restaurant is a traditional American cuisine with wooden interior design, which provides a warm feeling for the diners. The space is a little small but the leather-made menu shows attention to detail by the chef. Without a doubt, I am the youngest diner in the premise. The head chef is female, therefore, food portion is elegant and the right amount. I ordered foie gras and crab salad. These items taste good but a little bit cold temperature-wise. The steak is tender and juicy. However, all items that I ordered are fairly ordinary and nothing impressive. What I liked the most is the wine selection. Although I am not an expert in wine, but I followed the restaurant’s sommelier’s recommendation and ordered a 2005 Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel. The wine is smooth and fruity. There is nothing tart or sour about the wine. The wine started my interest in trying more and more drinks made by grapes. As for desert, I ordered the banana cream tiramisu. The desert has the right amount of sweetness and it has a very full creamy and fruity taste. It is the only item I recommend from the restaurant. Overall, my experience at the restaurant is on par of my expectation. The price is quite high but not really worth the money. I would not really recommend the restaurant to my friends but everyone has different taste. People who go to Boulevard Restaurant will not be disappointed because of the fresh ingredient and the heritage behind the restaurant itself. Who knows, maybe my friends will love the restaurant on the first try and consider it as one of the top restaurants in their own list.




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