A Opera/Concert Review-Rigoletto

May 6, 2009 at 5:05 am (Fashion)


When I first heard that we are going to see an opera, I didn’t expect the theatre would be located inside of a normal building next to beach. It was a nice and special experience to watch opera in a small opera house like San Francisco Lyric Opera where I can get a closer look to the stage. Once I see performers’ facial express clearer, I feel more sense of the story.

Since Barnaby Palmer, my instructor of history of opera class, was the conductor of this opera, I paid more attention on the orchestra. I found that conductor is an extremely important role to connect the music and performance together by noticing what is going on up the stage and giving orders to orchestra at the right point to make a perfect match to the opera.


For the setting, I was confused about the timeline that sets in 1500’s on the original story with the setting I saw on the stage which seems more like 1900’s to me. However, I just assumed that the story has been revised to a modern version which is innovative and cool. The setting was simple but effective. For example, few tables and drinks simply brought out the sense of a bar. In addition, there was only an iron gate to present Gigoletto’s house, but I didn’t feel it too rough in anyways. I guess the lighting also did a good job to create the atmosphere on different themes.

There was a little girl and her mother sat next to me. I remembered the first scene was people flirting at a bar. The acting and dancing were pretty bald and I noticed that the mother kept checking on her daughter’s reaction. I think the mother had no idea what to do to the situation. It was very funny theme off stage.

My lovely teacher: Barnaby Palmer


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